There are many ways for you to serve and be a part of what God is doing in our community. Discover the different avenues for getting involved in church life.



Every service, we are lead into the presence of God through Worship. The worship team consists of gifted musicians and vocalists who are passionate about serving God through music. They are committed to devoting time to rehearse and sharpen their skills both on and off the stage.


The technical department plays a vital role in ensuring services run smoothly and efficiently. They support other ministries through the delivery of lighting, sound and visuals. Team members are skilled in using digital audio mixers, lighting desks and presentation software.


Communications aims to promote church life and events through means of social media, graphic design, photography, web design, videography, and post-production. This ministry oversees the overall brand management (‘look and feel’) of the church through strategic marketing and promotional techniques.


Prayer is the backbone of the church and the strength behind every conquered battle. The prayer team is committed to praying and interceding before our Sunday services as well as hosting the corporate prayer meeting every third Wednesday of the month.


There are key areas from the start to finish of every Sunday service where you can volunteer and serve. They are significant in cultivating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for everyone at Come to Jesus Church.

Helps with parking and flow of vehicles.

Greets all attendees as they enter our church doors.

Prepares and serves a range of light meals and refreshments.

Hope Hub

Hope Hub seeks to support and serve families and individuals with a disability or special needs. The ministry takes a “whole family” approach, recognising the needs of both the individual with a disability and their family or carers. We believe in inclusion and ensuring that every person is welcomed and valued.

Creative & Performing Arts

The Creative & Performing Arts team allow individuals to express themselves through different creative avenues. These include painting, dancing, digital graphics, styling and drama.

Prison & Social Justice

The Prison & Social Justice Ministry was established in order to respond to the practical, spiritual and emotional needs of our brothers and sisters in prison and their families. Our heart is to reach out and support the lost and the broken in our community by sharing the the light and love of Jesus.

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