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A Connect is a great way to grow your faith and build lifelong relationships within a smaller group. It is for people of all ages, interests and genders. Whatever stage of life you are in, we welcome and would love to meet you.

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Our adults meet regularly in different areas of Western Sydney. Regardless of the stage of life you are in, we can find a Connect Group that is right for you.

Young Adults


Our young adults ministry is known as the Establishment. They gather in co-ed connect groups from ages 18-30ish. Their purpose is to offer support in day-to-day life, as well as growth in Christian maturity. Throughout the year, there are also combined services where all young adults meet collectively.



The youth ministry of Come to Jesus Church is REACH Youth. It is catered to high school students from Year 7 to 12. Young people have the opportunity to learn about God within a fun and inclusive environment. They meet every Friday, alternating between combined REACH nights and Connect Groups. Connect groups are formed, based on age and gender. 



KidsWorld is the children’s ministry of Come to Jesus Church. Each Sunday morning, there is a vibrant program prepared to cater for kids aged 5-12. Our dedicated team believe in the importance of caring for and giving children a strong godly foundation.


Our senior citizens are full of wisdom and serve as important role models for younger generations. They possess decades of godly experiences worth sharing. Our senior Connect Group enjoys meeting every month to study the Word of God and spend time together.

Women's Ministry

Women are important, beautiful and precious in the sight of God. This is a ministry where we desire to see women empowered and their potential untapped. It is a place where women can share their hearts, learn, encourage and be inspired.

Men's Ministry

Men are called to be strong, valiant, courageous and fearless. As men of God, the standard should outdo the measure of the world’s standard of men. That is why it is important that the men of God rise up, gather to equip and sharpen one another.

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