Father’s Day 2019

WE LOVE OUR FATHERS! Join us on Sunday 1st September for our Father’s Day Service at 9:30 am. There will also be a free sausage sizzle after service for all dads to celebrate this special day

Written by Aemi Santiago

This is for the fathers
We salute you
See, when God created man
He saw you.
Intricately designed
To run His race and to love His bride
While laying down his life
For his children and his wife.
Oh, what a courageous act.

Not many can do it, but you can
When God wanted a leader you said  “I’m your man”
When God needed a warrior
It’s your expertise
You fight great battles while you’re on your knees
While Satan throws his arrows, he’s a disease
All the lies to put you down, he is a cheat
Lucifer won’t accept that he’s obsolete
You want receipts?
Go take your seat.
You’re God’s right hand Dad
The Devil’s under your feet.

This is for the fathers we commend you
That you choose this life so willingly
This great responsibility
All the probabilities
While carrying liabilities
Asking “Do I have the ability “
How am I spiritually?
Am I struggling with mobility?
But you’re doing this manually, man
Providing for your family
Maintaining your sanity
Obsessing on those gadgetries
Fixing things just casually
Trying to leave a legacy
Praying that your family tree
Will serve the Lord faithfully
All these capabilities
You possess
His word when He looked at you
“The man of the House” and He said

So fathers hear me when I say
Thank you.
Because like great men in the Bible
You always choose to
Obey Him while your legs are tired
And your sleep few
When He says “Go” you follow
When you don’t know where to
Because I’m always on your mind
And not just you.
Those traits that you have, I will pursue
I look up to you
Someday I’ll be the man of the house too.