CTJ Missions: Team Mexico 2016

On 7-29 November 2016, we sent our final Missions team (for the year) to Mexico. For 3 weeks the team had the privilege in partnering with Vino Nuevo Church – Vision Global where together they worked with local churches to evangelise and minister to orphaned children, youth, university students, down town city dwellers, indigenous Mexicans (Tarahumara people), rural churches, schools and children shelters. Given the reputation of this nation, God had not forgotten them as He led the team through the cities, farms, towns, and the La Sierra mountains to rural villages that even locals would not trek, just to show His love. #NowthatIhaveseenIamResponsible #Howfarwouldyougoifyouknewhowprotectedyouare? #CTJmissions2016 Visión Global