On the first Sunday of March, CTJ Church launched double services.

There are two services every Sunday:

  • 8.30 am
  • 11.00 am

Due to the changes, there are ministries and activities that will be affected and have made changes to its processes. 

Parking & Traffic

You may experience congestion due to turn-over times in between services. For safety reasons, we ask that you follow instructions from our traffic controllers who will be wearing high visibility vests each morning.

  • Traffic controllers will inform if the parking is FULL.
  • There will be drop-off points & U-turn bays which will be set.
  • Specific areas will be marked "NO PARKING" to facilitate smooth traffic flow.
  • Prohibited Parking: Garage Doors and Unit 8 & 7 walls


The safety of your child is paramount and the Kidsworld team has a duty of care which they need to comply with. A new drop-off & sign-in system will be implemented:  
Sign in-
  • Opens 30 minutes before service starting times.
  • ONLY on the 1st Sunday of the month will sign in be located in Unit 8. Every week after, it will be located in Unit 6 (next to stairs).
  • Children will be accompanied upstairs by a Kidsworld Volunteer.
  • All children must be collected from Unit 6.
Sign out-
  • Your child MUST be signed-out when released from Kidsworld for the day OR in between services.
  • All children must be picked up in Unit 6.

(***Children can ONLY be signed in/out by those AUTHORIZED and must be age 16+***)

If you are a Kidsworld parent, please click on this link to read the changes to the programme.

Welcome Lounge

Seats will be designated for new people on the right-hand side of each service in Unit 8. After each service, refreshments will be provided to our first timers/visitors inside Unit 6.

New Café & Menu

Our new CTJ Café will be open in Unit 6.

Opening times: 7:30-8:00 am    9:30-10:30 am
(Please note: Times may be subjected to change) 

Click here to view the: MENU