Children’s ministry - KIDSWORLD

The KiDSWORLD purpose statement is:

"We are part of a generation after God's heart,

 Originally created in God,

 Ready to worship and serve GOD,

 Living with purpose,

 Driven by Love to CHANGE
                              MOVE and
                              SHAKE the world!"

It is imperative that we biblically educate our children in their early stages of life. The bible states in Proverbs 22:6, “Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.”  

Never underestimate the power of what you teach your children. Children are bright, teachable and easily influenced. Though they are young, their brains have the capacity to soak information like a sponge. Therefore we believe, it is important to care, train and give them a strong and sure godly foundation while they are still young.

CTJ is partnering with parents to see the full potential of your child unleashed. These kids are our future and will one day grow to become the next generation of leaders in our nation, economy and church! It is our responsibility as parents and caretakers to ensure that they get the right spiritual feeding.

Kidsworld meet every Sunday during the 8.30am & 11am services.

If you have a child between the age of 0-12 years old, the following groups are:

Changers: 8 - 12yrs
Movers: 6 - 7yrs
Shakers: 0 - 5yrs

Kidsworld Ministry co-ordinator: Jasmene Comafay.
Please email expressing your request to join with your child's name to:

Click Here To Register Your Child To KidsWorld



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